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Web Tracks Product Comparison

Named Users 1 1 to 10 3 to Unlimited
PC Audits 20 100* 100*
Backend Database MS Access MS Access SQL Server**
Email-to-Ticket Converter Evaluation Only*** Add-On*** Add-On***
File Attachments 1 Per Record Unlimited Unlimited
Technical Support No Yes Yes
Forum Access No Yes Yes

* Additional audits can be purchased for Standard & Enterprise Editions.  The PC Audit License limits the number of computers that can be imported into the database using Web Tracks Audit.  The manual entry of a computer record does not require a PC Audit License.

** You may also use a MS Access database with the Enterprise Edition.  This can be helpful for a transition period or a planned migration to SQL Server.  Web Tracks 2018 Supports SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

*** Use of Email-to-Ticket Converter without a license is for evaluation purposes only and should not exceed 30 days.  This add-on can be purchased with the standard or enterprise editions.

All purchases (both upgrades and new licenses) include a one year maintenance subscription.  Major and Minor updates to the software are free of charge during this period.  Technical Support and Web Forum Access are also included in maintenance.